Fifthroom Living

Rethink The Closet

Sometimes a house just doesn’t seem to have enough space. Sometimes the people living in that home just need it to function differently. It’s at times like these that a little bit of creative thinking comes in handy. You may just need to think outside the box. Or maybe think of the box in a different way.

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Best Dressed

How do you become a “Best Dressed” sewer? Well, with sewing accessories of course! If you sew or craft you need to create cute and adorable items to help you. Let’s take a look at a few projects that will put you in the running for “Best Dressed”!

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A Room with a View

We take such care with our homes to create views, don’t we? Spectacular views of the downtown skyline, the vistas outside the living room window, down to the table centerpiece for Easter dinner. Yet, somehow when we venture outside into our gardens, we seem to forget these details—but they’re just as important outside as they are inside. Here are some ideas to whet your appetite, from simple to more grand!

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