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Pinning a Vacation Getaway…at Home

Imagine you’ve been working really hard all year, you’ve accrued a lot of vacation time and now it’s time to take a vacation! But, maybe you just don’t feel like taking a trip this year and you want to get some things done around the house or you just want to enjoy relaxing in the comfort of your home!

Well, what if I told you that you can do all of that and still have the feeling of getting away? Staying at home doesn’t have to feel boring when you take a ‘staycation’ outside. We took to Pinterest to show you what you need to create the perfect vacation retreat, just far enough from home to get away!

Add a Ramada to Your Yard
Ramadas provide just the right amount of shade and privacy to create a spot for your staycation! Fifthroom’s Gable Ramada can be customized at many sizes ranging from 10′ x 10′ all the way to 20′ x 40′ – just in case you want to throw that big party soon!

Fifthroom's 12' x 14' Gable

Fifthroom’s 12′ x 14′ Gable Ramada

Here’s what our customers are saying about this product:

“Our Ramada is great! It blends in well with its surroundings here in Hawaii. The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow.”

“The Ramada has been installed now for about 14 months, gone through a cold Colorado winter (installed at 8100 feet in elevation) spring, summer, fall and now again half way through winter. The quality of the wood is outstanding.”

Bring Your Kitchen Outside
If there’s food, they will come.

Redefine your outdoor living space by transforming it into an outdoor kitchen and dining area. We love how homeowner Vanessa Paredes turned her addition into a barbeque area that she uses in the summer – and winter!

Photo credit: Vanessa Paredes

Photo credit: Vanessa Paredes

Can’t swing an addition because of issues in space or budget? Add furniture or structures to your backyard to carry over the same effect. Our Red Cedar Trestle Picnic Table is just as rustic as these bar stools and walls.DSC00965

And, Fifthroom’s Red Cedar Saybrook Arbor behind the table adds an inviting charm to the backyard you’ll never want to leave!

For more inspirational ideas and photos, check out our full Pinterest board here.



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