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2015 Outdoor Living Trend: Outdoor Kitchens

Decades ago, recreating a living space outdoors was once difficult. Consumers had their choice of a few materials for their outdoor furniture, which weren’t entirely comfortable and there wasn’t too much to choose from in the way of patterns for cushions. What lay underneath of them was merely a slab of concrete.

We’ve come a long way since then. One of this year’s most popular trends is creating an outdoor kitchen. With so many choices of furniture, appliances, and large structures, creating a cozy, breathtaking outdoor living space has never been easier. Here are a few kitchens we love:

Just look at the beauty of this outdoor kitchen!’s Pergola hangs overtop an outdoor kitchen.

The long wrap-around granite counter top not only serves as a bar-style place to eat, but a handy spot where dinner can be prepared. Shelves are located underneath the counter, so you can store anything you want!’s pergola protects guests from the hot sun while adding a visually appealing overhang. With an outdoor kitchen like this, you’ll never dine inside again!

For a different look, install a Gable Ramada over your outdoor kitchen.’s 12×14 Vinyl Gable Ramada protects guests and adds beauty to this outdoor kitchen.’s 12×14 Vinyl Gable Ramada brings the ambiance of a kitchen, outside. It acts as a roof over your guests and is a great addition to hang modern lighting from. The vinyl can withstand seasons of elements while the Gable Ramada roof and post’s details exude a beauty your indoor kitchen just can’t offer.

And, this outdoor kitchen has all the elements.'s Adirondack Chairs and Treated Pine Trestle Picnic Table make this space a relaxing oasis.’s Adirondack Chairs and Treated Pine Trestle Picnic Table make this space a relaxing oasis.


Notice how the patio isn’t just a slab of concrete. Also, there’s even framed photographs installed on the fence. Little details like these really bring together the theme. This outdoor kitchen is a relaxing oasis, in part due to our family-style Treated Pine Trestle Picnic Table. Add’s Polywood Long Island Adirondack Chairs for a similar style.

Are you interested in replicating this look? has the outdoor structures and furniture you need to create your outdoor kitchen today.

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