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Innovative and Traditional Storage Ideas

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I vowed that this year would be the year I would get more organized! And, I’ve already started. That storage room where I threw everything into was transformed into an organized home office.

And, I want the same for you! Things start to collect over time in your home and there are plenty of innovative and traditional storage ideas and tips we want to share with you to help you organize the clutter:

Hide and Seek
Hiding away storage is a great way to keep it from piling up in living spaces like the dining room table! We think this Contemporary Staircase with concealed drawers by Zugai Strudwick Architects is great! Transforming these stairs, which are made out of blackbutt timber, into drawers is a unique and innovative way to create space – where your guests will never realize what’s hiding underneath!

Transform your Shed into an Office
If there’s not enough room in your home for an office or building an addition just isn’t an option, transforming your shed into an office or other storage area is a great way to create privacy and use a traditional structure as a workspace. One of our customers turned this 12×14 Cedar Rectangular Cabana pictured below into a home office. Add color and decor to make this a fun place to work!'s 12x14 Cedar Rectangular Cabana.’s 12×14 Cedar Rectangular Cabana.'s 10x12 Vinyl Cabana.’s 10×12 Vinyl Cabana.

Rethink Trunks and Chests
Storage trunks and chests exude a traditional, luxurious style. Displaying knick-knacks and possessions on a shelf means anyone can see your belongings, but with trunks and chest you can hideaway these things. With their lock and key, you can stash away more expensive items like jewelry.’s London Cherry Chest is a timeless piece made of 100% solid cherry. It serves as an elegant storage unit and as a cozy seating area. Add a neutral-colored cushion to keep it simple or a deep sapphire, red or green cushion for a regal look!

Fifthroom’s London Cherry Chest

Using a trunk as a coffee table is a unique way to store anything!’s Maple Steamer Trunk gives your room a nostalgic vibe. And, using your trunk as a traditional storage unit in your bedroom makes for a great eye-catching piece. If you have little ones, this trunk is fun and playful for them.

Fifthroom's Maple Steamer Trunk

Fifthroom’s Maple Steamer Trunk

With these innovative and traditional storage ideas, getting organized has never been easier! As you can see, has a number of products that can help you get organized. Check out our website to view our entire selection of cabanas and chests!
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