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Designer Susan Zises Green Discusses Outdoor Living

A popular trend right now is bringing the comforts of your home outside whether it’s in a traditional format like creating an outdoor kitchen or in a unique way. We’ve seen some really creative projects come out of this trend, such as the idea of drilling holes into fence posts and replacing the holes with shiny marbles.

Fifthroom sat down with Interior Designer Susan Zises Green to ask her five questions. Who better to get the scoop on this trend than a professional with more than 35 years of experience decorating and designing homes across America?

Question: Outdoor living spaces are more popular than ever. From an interior designer’s perspective, why do you think it has become a popular trend?

Answer: Would you rather be cooped up indoors or outdoors with glorious Mother Nature? For those of us who do have glorious indoor spaces, why not bring the glory outside and simply expand your living space?

The exterior of our homes are an extension of what is indoors – and why not take it all outside and enjoy!  A drink on the terrace is as enjoyable as one in the Living Room or even more so!  Live a little!

The Schiavinos enjoy quality family time in their from Fifthroom.

The Schiavinos enjoy quality family time in their Vinyl Ramada from Fifthroom.

There are so many beautiful outdoor products, including sofas, rugs, umbrellas, dishes, barbeque equipment … it’s really expanded the beauty of outdoor living.

Furthermore, there are so many television shows showing the possibilities of outdoor living that it has naturally piqued the interest of so many more people.

Q: Creating an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate way to bring the splendors of your home outside. Can you recommend a tip for our readers on how they can do this?

A: Only buy what you need. If you are not a great cook, keep it simple – do not be sold on what you will not use.

Fifthroom’s Vinyl 4-Corner Cozy Free Standing Pergola extends over a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

Q: You’re an interior designer, but I read that you love gardening. I am sure there are others like you out there who love to design inside and outside the home. What are some elements you love to put in your backyard that would normally be found inside?

A: Greenery! I find that surrounding myself with various shades and shapes of greenery is so soothing.  I have many topiaries in my Dining Room in New York and I feel surrounded  by beauty and calm.  It is like being in the country!  A moment of mini heaven!

Also, chaise lounges are the ultimate luxury with a small table next to it – for my book and glasses – love to use them in Living Rooms and Bedrooms. Why not take it outside?

Fifthroom's Poly Lumber Comfo-Back Chaise Lounges Shown in Weatherwood on Black

Fifthroom’s Poly Lumber Comfo-Back Chaise Lounges Shown in Weatherwood on Black.

I have two in my kitchen garden at my summer home on Nantucket.  We all love them!  It is wonderful to curl up with my small granddaughters on a chaise – so cozy!

Q: Your favorite outdoor structure or furniture you can’t live without?

A: Re-circulating water! I have a beautiful stone fountain in front of a mirror – near my chaise lounge. I can close my eyes and listen to the water. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the water.

A little drop will do it – it does not have to be a big splashy fountain.  My rectangular fountain is about 28” long x 22” deep x 6” high and it is magical!

Q: What’s one trend you are looking forward to seeing more of in this year?

A: I do not follow trends, but if there were one to follow I would say – “Don’t postpone joy” and always be kind and helpful to others! 

From expansive outdoor structures like gazebos and pergolas to comfy furniture like sofas and hammocks, has everything you need to bring the splendors of your home, outside!





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