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T-shirt Remix

  Every spring I go through my clothing to weed out the pieces that will not last another season, and t-shirts seem to be the worst offenders! When I interviewed Hilary…

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Sunny Yellow for a Summer Garden

Every year at this time, I take a look at my garden to determine what I need to add to it to kick it up a notch—sometimes it’s an ornamental tree or an agave variety, but this year it’s a color. More specifically, yellow. I’ve always gravitated more towards the purples and pinks, but I can think of no more sunny color than a bright, clear yellow! It’s a happy, vibrant color, and works well with most other colors in the garden. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Houseplant CPR

We’ve probably all had houseplants that we’ve neglected—perhaps life got too busy or we went on vacation and forgot about them. If you’ve got houseplants that are wilted, sick-looking, or have yellow or brown leaves, and you’re fretting over the idea of throwing them out and starting over—take a deep breath! Unless the plant is clearly dead, there are things you can do to resurrect it.

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