One Patch Wonder

Have you made a quilt from one shape… repeated over and over? A “One Patch” wonder? I find them fascinating… and soothing… and just a tad intimidating. Could I actually…

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I am announcing today my love of learning! Do you challenge yourself to learn something new every so often? I’m fascinated by the Japanese embroidery style called Sashiko, which I’ve…

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April Showers

April Showers bring May flowers.. and what do showers often bring? A rainbow! This antique quilt measures 87″ x 82″ and is embroidered with initials.  This kind of quilt totally…

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Mar 21 pic 4 pat sloan grey yellow

The Sampler

Many of us learn to quilt by making a sampler. We start with an easy patchwork block, and then each lesson takes us a step forward to a new block…

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What is it about Typography? That really formal word for ‘Letters’?  I love the shapes of letters, the words they create, the fonts… all of it has a pull like…

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