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Spice Up Your Home for Autumn

Today, we’ll discuss some ways to prepare your home for the season. When it comes to fall, it’s all about making your home warm and cozy. You can do this in a variety of ways and they’re not overly complicated. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect, don’t fret. Simple changes can make a big difference and you’ll find that the effort is worthwhile.


Living Space

The first thing that you may want to acknowledge is what in your home definitely needs to be changed to accommodate the inhabitants for chilly weather. You may want to prepare your fireplace and make sure that your heating is working properly. If drafts are a concern, look into services that can treat windows and the like. You’ll want to be sure that before you do any decorating, that everything functions properly and is all set for fall.

Proper storage and cleaning may also be needed. Putting away your summer clothes and decorations as well as outdoor items can ease any work that you might end up doing later. Set aside a weekend where you can reset your living space. Even items such air purifiers, light fixtures, and even ovens are things that you may want to test.



The next thing that you may want to change about your surroundings is likely the fabrics. Summer often prompts you to pull out light and refreshing articles like sheets and curtains, but due to the cooler weather, you’ll want to locate some throw pillows and blankets. Pick thick, warm fabrics that retain heat. Fleece, flannel, and plush are great choices and after a long day out in chilly weather, you can find comfort in the warmth these fabrics bring. Tablecloths and areas rugs also do wonders in making a home feel cozier. Carry this concept over to your window curtains and you’ll be on your way to help insulate your home as well.



You also may want to look for more than practicality in your fabrics. Color and pattern also play a role in how these items appeal to you. Not only in the fabrics you choose, but in your decor, colors can change the whole experience of your home. Autumnal colors are usually warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Natural colors can be a good accent for the more low-key elements of your home. Using bright reds and oranges definitely deliver the message of fall, so don’t refrain from incorporating them.

Patterns can also create a theme of autumn. Choose plaids, thick stripes, or even leafy patterns. Adding art using fall colors can also be a great change for your home.



Once all of the necessary concerns are addressed, the fun truly begins. There are many items that can nod to fall. From adding sculptures of geese, or making centerpieces of gourds, you can really drive the point home that autumn has infiltrated your home.

Here are just a few decorative ideas.

  • Create a natural arrangement using pomegranates, pumpkins, Asian pears, or Indian corn.
  • Add rustic and wooden items around your home.
  • Use vintage signage and storage containers.
  • Select spices and autumn scented candles to create a fragrant ambiance.
  • Place bowls of seasonal candies in different areas around your house.
  • Get a variety of pumpkins and put them in unexpected places.
  • Add fall wreathes to your door.
  • Change your dishware to something autumn themed.
  • Update the magnets and signage on your refrigerator and throughout your home.
  • Select Mums or Hydrangeas as an indoor plant to showcase the season.
  • Collect leaves and frame them.
  • Add warm lighting to your centerpieces and mantles.

These are some good ways to change the atmosphere of your home when it comes to autumn. For more ideas, visit We also have plenty of options when it comes to preparing your outdoor living space for the season as well. Get started today!



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