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Preparing Your Outdoor Living Space for the Cold

If you live in an area that has particularly cold weather in the off season, this is the time of year that you’ll want to start thinking about how to prepare your outdoor living space for the winter. Before the first frost, there are a few ways to preserve your set up so that it’ll be in good condition come spring. Don’t find yourself becoming overly contempt with mild fall weather, with this guide, you’ll know where to start.

First, go outside and assess your space. If you have large furniture like tables and chairs, as well as plants, tools, and even area rugs, you may want to clean them and dry them. Use solutions that won’t leave a residue and hose them down with water to remove dirt and debris from the summer. Before storing them, you’ll want to make sure that they are dry. These items can often be covered with large garbage bags, tarps, or with fitted furniture covers. You can store these items neatly in places like sheds, garages, or even a pool house.

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If you have a grill, you may also want to go through the process of cleaning it before you put it away for the season. For charcoal grills, remove debris like old coals, ash, and residue from use. There are degreasing agents that can aid in this process. Be sure to rinse off the degreasing agent or whatever solution you choose with water and let your grill dry completely before storing.

If your grill is a gas grill, safely shut off and unscrew any gas lines and store the tank in a cool dry place. The manufacturer’s instructions should be of great use at this time and will tell you what conditions are best for storage as well as methods of proper disposal. You may even return it to your local retailer.

After you’ve cleared the area, take some time to sweep up the dirt, leaves, and debris to help prevent any stains that may result on your walkways and patios. You can use a pressure washer or simply use a patio, brick, or driveway cleaning solution in addition to a high-powered nozzle.

Check your gutters and downspouts and make sure that they’re clear of debris and directed away from anything that may get damaged by water and ice. Also, you may want to look for any gaps in the joints of cement and fill those empty places with materials like Polymeric sand.

You can take steps to seal your driveways, walkways, and patios to prevent any damage that might incur due to ice and salt. Backfilling your patio may also be a helpful measure to keep any water from pooling and freezing, causing pavers and stones to lift.

Taking care of your outdoor space is key to keeping it in good condition. Don’t neglect to care for it because the changes in weather conditions may have more of an impact than you realize. is great place to start when it comes to protecting your outdoor furniture and items with covers and storage spaces, as well as giving you the resources to make next year’s outdoor living experience extraordinary.

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