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Autumn Garden Structures

During this time of year, many may wonder what the benefit is of having an outdoor Garden Structure. Surely, they are only good for the summer. As it turns out, there are still a lot of ways to use your Garden Structure in this season. Don’t get too caught up in thinking their time is limited.


Having a Gazebo allows you to designate a space for outdoor use. If you’d like to get it screened in- all the better. Screens can help keep leaves and debris out of your Gazebo and can also give you an extra sense of security. Layer up and take time to use your Gazebo for a warm meal. Perhaps you can do an outdoor scavenger hunt and regather to review your collection there. Have a spooky get-together or even camp out in your Gazebo before it gets too cold. Fall is still a great season to experience all the changes in the world around you and having a Gazebo gives you an extra opportunity to embrace it.

Treated Pine Single Roof Rectangle Gazebo


Pergolas have always been statement structures, but in the fall, they can be particularly useful. These structures let you enjoy the autumn sun without all of the heat that summer would usually provide. Pergolas are also great structures to decorate. Getting hay bales or making scarecrows and attaching them to the beams is a fun idea. Carving pumpkins under a Pergola is rather memorable as well. You won’t have to worry about an extensive clean-up because you’re already outside. You may even want to hold contests under the Pergola or use it as a centerpiece in your fall get-togethers. Imagine having that autumn cook-out there or announcing raffle winners. A Pergola really sets the stage.

Red Cedar Vintage Classic Free Standing Pergola


Ramadas are Pavilions and provide a closed roof. Sure, the sunlight may not dance through it like it does with a Pergola, but a Ramada can be a great place to hold picnics and house events, as well. With all of the space, you may be able to set up a fire pit near it and not have to worry about missing all of the action. Ramadas guarantee easy access to a shelter and can be a good place to serve dinner and do arts and crafts on rainier days.

Red Cedar Single Roof Ramada

Each of these structures gives you a golden opportunity to extend your outdoor living experience into more seasons. With the addition of lighting and heating, you may not even find the chillier days uncomfortable.

Our Garden Structures come in a variety of quality materials like Red Cedar, Treated Pine, and Vinyl. These materials are made to last and provide the best experience possible.

With our selection of Outdoor Furniture and Decor, you can complete your outdoor living space and make it a key element of your memories this season. Visit to learn more!


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