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Picnics Celebrate the Outdoors

“Outdoor Dining” – it has an elegant ring to it, doesn’t it? And if you look back at the history of picnics (or read Jane Austen) and consider how outdoor garden parties in Victorian England were the height of social ladder-climbing, you can see what a time-honored event eating al fresco can be.


The Victorians enjoyed lavish outdoor tea and garden parties. Unknown artist.




There was no skimping on the Victorian menu! Usually included: a joint of roast beef, a joint of boiled beef, ribs of lamb, roast fowls, roast ducks, a ham, a tongue, veal-and-ham pies, pigeon pies, lobsters, and one piece of collared calf’s head. (Oh my) There were always salads, biscuits, bread and cheese, and bottles of beverages — plus champagne!


(For more information on the history of picnics, there’s a fascinating timeline here:

But the word PICNIC has a much less formal connotation to it. Picnics have evolved into casual, friends & family get-togethers – at the park, at the beach or especially in your backyard. And because it’s such an informal event, invite as many friendly folks as you want. Squeeze them in around your picnic table, spread out a blanket nearby, and line up your lawn chairs. Everybody is welcome!


American picnic food!

What are your family’s favorites and specialties? Hamburgers? Hot dogs? Fried Chicken? Potato salad? Deviled eggs? Baked beans? (Here are some picnic recipes to try:




All that’s left to do is bring the food to the table. That’s where comes in!

Traditional picnic table

Room enough for the whole family at this picnic table!


Among our huge offering of different types and sizes of picnic tables is the perfect one for your porch, patio, deck, or backyard!

Such as:

This Red Cedar Table with Attached Bench Seating is a classic style, for instance! Prized for its durability, it comes in several different sizes and different finishes, one that’ll fit your needs.



Octagonal picnic table

Octagonal shape gives more than ample space for the whole family!


Our Red Cedar Octagonal Walk-In Picnic Table with Attached Benches is a slight twist on the usual classic style.  A masterpiece in design, it’s the no-hassle way for up to eight people to eat without anybody having to stand up, scooch down, or straddle a bench. Just walk in and sit down!




Blue metal round picnic table

Colorful, modern take on the picnic table!

Our 46” Round Metal Picnic Table sports contemporary flair. With black powder-coated galvanized steel frame, and thermoplastic finish, this table is practically indestructible! Add one of our bright beautiful umbrellas so your outdoor plans won’t be rained out – and you won’t get rained on.


Plenty of open room at the table accommodates wheel chairs

Handicapped-accessible picnic table



Everyone welcome – so c’mon and chow down!

This 8-foot Handicapped Accessible Picnic Table is roomy and convenient; easily accommodates large wheelchairs while leaving plenty of space for seating and eating. Ultra-strong aluminum available in a host of vivid colors, will last a lifetime — no bending, warping, or rusting



Just the right size for kids

Your youngest family members will appreciate their very own kid-sized picnic table!

This Sustainable Polywood Kid’s Picnic Table features top and benches made entirely of recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs once destined for landfills. Helping make the world better for future generations, our child-sized table also sparks creativity with fun colors.



Fancy dining set

Try a more formal approach to outdoor dining



If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, we also have a wide selection of outdoor dining collections, bistro sets, and pub seating.



Poly Lumber 7 Pc. Garden Classic Dining Set



These are just a few of Fifthroom.Com’s big selection! So you really should take a look at all your choices on our website. Remember, there’s still plenty of time for getting some fresh air while you dine this summer and fall!









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