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An Addiction To The Innocent Pillow

I’m sort of addicted to them… Pillows… yes the innocent pillow.


Pillows are amazing decorating statements. They can take a room from nice to WOW in very little time. Let me give you my top 3 reasons to use a pillow.


  1. A pillow change for the season adds in that fresh accent color for your room. Ready for spring, add in some pink and green. How about summer, throw on the lime and orange combo. You can quickly change and pillow and do it on a budget.
  2. Add a holiday pillow to make your rooms festive! An Easter pillow, 4th of July pillow, or maybe one with the “Great Pumpkin” on it can be added to the living room, family room, bedroom, or even in the dining room. Many of us have a nice bench in our dining room, or chairs on the side for extra company. Use those for adding that pillow ‘punch’ to the room.
  3. Pillows can be custom tailored to your decorating style. Work in elegant duponi silk, or country wools, or beach cottage faded pastel fabrics. The pillow you make to match our style will make you feel good about your home.


If you can sew a straight seam, or do a easy crochet or knit stitch.. you’re in for fast decorating fun! You can even take a store bought pillow and add ribbons, flowers, or tassels to it.


Here are a few free pillow patterns on the internet and one Knit along I just had to share as the pillows are gorgeous! I may have to learn to knit just to do these!


Moda had variety of free pillow patterns is awesome! I love this pillow by Megan from Brassy Apple Imagine ALL the colors could do this pillow in!

click here for links to Moda Designer “Pillow Talk” blog hop


This easy little crochet fower can be added to a pillow you already have. Sew on with a button in the center, sweet! Found at Crochet me



I’m in love with the color of these pillows for summer time, they make me happy! From Bernat

And finally the pillow that will make me learn to knit, The Tuscany Della Robbia Pillows at Planet Purl.



Until next week, go make something!



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