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5 Ways to Bring Spring Indoors

Can you feel it?  Spring is in the air.  Outside, it’s warming up and flowers are beginning to sprout.  With the weather becoming  milder,  now is a great time to bring some of that delicious feeling indoors.  Here are five easy ways to bring a little bit of spring inside.

  1. Add flowers.   Don’t worry if they’re fresh or not, simply adding blossoms gives the feeling of spring.  Although fresh blooms have that lovely smell, faux flowers are looking more realistic all the time.  So invest in a pretty branch of faux cherry blossoms.  They’re easy care and they’ll make you smile.
  2. Pare down. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean just washing the windows and walls.  Take  this opportunity to clean out those closets.  Donate unused items and enjoy the relief that comes with simplifying your life.
  1. Lighten up. Try adding some lighter colors to your décor.  And don’t be scared of adding actual color.  Painting a dark piece of furniture a cheery blue, for example, will lighten both your space AND your mood.
  1. Add greenery. Again, don’t worry about whether it’s fresh or faux.  The color green is synonymous with spring.  Adding some greenery in the form of topiaries or plants is a great way to ring in the new season.
  2. 5. Refresh you accessories.Spring is a perfect time to switch around your accessories.  Try adding bird’s nests or eggs.  They’re super chic right now, and they simply scream spring.

Whether it’s still snowing in your neck of the woods, or it’s already warm and balmy, incorporating  one or all of these suggestions is sure to bring a touch of spring into your home.


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Oh Wendy, this post warms my heart! With our light dusting of snow, those tiny pink blooms were exactly what I needed. Thanks!!



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