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Populate Your Poolside with Trendsetting Chaise Lounge Patio Chairs

Instead of spending your time and energy on the latest gardening tools for the season, why not set the stage for your poolside gatherings instead? Contrary to popular belief, the design of your pool does not end once the concrete is poured and the water is filled and cleaned. By incorporating one of the following chaise longue chairs onto the patio area of your pool deck, your simple pool could pass for the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Hollywood.


The first kind of chaise longue to check out this season is one made from Polywood – like this Captain Chaise Lounge. Made from the ultra-durable polywood material with wide armrests, this chair will refuse to weather with the storms. If you’re like me and enjoy ample length and width, this Captain Chaise measures a long 77.25”, 28” wide, and with a 36” height. Not light enough to blow over, the 78 lb chair provides you with the maximum amount of comfort and strength to help you focus on catching some rays.

Polywood Chaise Lounge Steamer Chair with Arm rests

The other kind of chaise worth mentioning takes hearty woods onto the pool deck. Using Western Red Cedar, Pine, or Teak, you get more of an earthy look. This Keystone Cedar Chaise Lounge or Teak Chaise Lounge, for example, weigh 18- 30 lbs less than the Captain Chaise Longue chairs. That said, if you plan on entertaining, solid wood, lightweight lounge chairs are easy to move around your pool deck.















However you spin it – whether its for the colored polywood to liven up your patio furniture or a gorgeous wood to tone down the concrete –  bring the secret chaise longue fad of hotel pools right into your own backyard.


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