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Why You Should Add a Garden Bridge to Your Yard

If you want to up your landscaping/gardening game, adding a bridge is a surefire way to do so! Here are a few reasons why you should add one of these whimsical structures to your yard:

Garden Bridges are an Easy Investment
If you are lacking the budget to purchase a gazebo or pergola, garden bridges are less expensive, but still provide a beautiful, charming touch to your garden. You don’t even need to own a home to install one either.’s garden bridges can easily be uninstalled if you’re a renter or if you decide to sell your home as a buyer. Fifthroom’s Red Cedar Eden ½ Picket Rail Bridge features a charming handcrafted picket fence design along the bottom rail.

Fifthroom’s Red Cedar Eden ½ Picket Rail Bridge.

Sometimes the beauty of garden bridges masks their actual function: providing a walkway across water. Our Double Rail Pedestrian Bridge not only gives you and your guests sturdy rails to hold onto, but the bridge connects your garden allowing everyone to enjoy every part of it. And,’s bridge’s sturdy construction can withstand years and years of foot traffic – creating an outdoor living space where memories are made.


Fifthroom’s Double Rail Pedestrian Bridge.

Eye-Catching Design
Garden bridges add instant beauty to your yard. Just take a look at this breathtaking Asian landscape.

Asian Landscape by Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers McHale Landscape Design, Inc.
For a similar look, try’s Treated Pine Fiore Plank Garden Bridge. The bridge’s simple design pairs well with lily pads in a calm stream below. Add a Buddha statue and other water plants to enhance the exotic design.
Fifthroom’s Treated Pine Fiore Plank Garden Bridge

We have a variety of garden bridges that come in multiple materials. Whether you are trying to recreate the scene above or more of a traditional setting, Fifthroom has what you need!

Check out some of our garden bridges, which were featured on the blog, Home Design Lover’s list of 15 Whimsical Wooden Bridges.




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