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Product Round-Up- Arbors

You can set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood with winding vines and blossoming flowers. With the inclusion of one of the following selected arbors built into your gated entrance, backyard garden, or to the rooftop of your urban home, you can achieve a new dimension of outdoor decorating typically reserved for the pro landscapers.

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5 American Design Trends in 2011

The desire to nest is still evident in American Design as these trends show. Making the home a comfortable, intimate haven where we can spend time with family and friends is at the root of each. So in 2011, make your home your haven and have fun incorporating some of these ideas into your home this year!

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For The Love of Words

Awhile back I started to see prints and plaques with words on a topic, such as a holiday. I found out these are called “Subway Art” and I’m TOTALLY smitten with them… TOTALLY

It’s a Theme ( you know how I dig a great theme)

It’s Words (well.. nuff said, I’m there!)

It’s a Theme + Words.. swoon!

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