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Dreaming of a White Christmas…..

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas… Christmas quilts full of snowflakes that is!  As a member of the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln Nebraska, I have acces to hundreds and hundreds of quilt images.  I put in snow.. and look what I found!  This classic blue and with reindeer (swoon!) was made 1932 by Bertha Meckstroth  of Glencoe, Illinois. At 68″x 68″ I think Bertha made this for decorating with! What I love is that she used just 2 fabrics, maybe 3 as the blocks might be on a slightly lighter shade of blue.

This snowflake quilt was from a Paragon Company kit, made about 1963.  What do you think about the use of Green and white? I wonder if in the 1960s a green and white Christmas as a fad? Can you see this next to a white tree with green bulbs? A whole white and green room for Christmas would be amazing! The maker is unknown for this quilt (so remember to put a label on your quilts)!Any quilt will look amazing hanging next to Fifthroom Markets new Vintage Living furniture.  I love the new Foyer bench in this collection.  Be sure to read the Dec 15 blog post below about the new furniture line!

What is your favorite Christmas Quilt?


~Pat Sloan


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