Fifthroom Living

Arm Candy

It starts out very innocent… a charm bracelet. You might have received one as a child. I did. My parents added charms from countries we went to. Charms for things that meant something to me. But little did they know this arm candy was just the beginning.

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In the current economic conditions, there are many people just like my family who are choosing to stay at home for their vacation – or staycation, “a vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that the home and one’s environs have to offer.”

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The Facade and Outdoor Splendor of Normandy’s Mont Saint-Michel

Sometimes, the space immediately surrounding a piece of enchanting architecture become an extraordinarily special place – where nature and man-made construct fuse together to create an experience unto itself. In this week’s piece on Outdoor Living Spaces Abroad, I present to you one of the world’s finest pieces of architecture coupled with the exquisite places within its walls: Mont Saint-Michel.

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Choosing Color for your Home Inside & Out

Choosing a paint color for your home or choosing a color for a furniture collection can be a daunting undertaking. There are some people who have a natural awareness about color and some who do not feel comfortable making this type of choice. For this portion of the population there are helpful tools that make the decision process easier.

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