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Monogram It

Nothing says sophistication in décor quite like a monogram.  We’ve all seen monogrammed towels, monogrammed dishes or silverware, even monogrammed bedding.  Monograms are just as popular as ever, and they’re still found in all of the places listed above.  But if you want to add a monogram to your décor today, there are a myriad of think-outside-the-box ways to do so.  Here are three of my favorites.

First up, why not take monogrammed bedding a step further, and monogram a headboard?  That’s right.  Adding a monogram to a headboard is a fun way to add personalization to a bedroom.  And if the room happens to be shared by two, it is a great way to delineate individual spaces while maintaining a cohesive look.  The monograms on these headboards were created by using felt and fabric glue which is an extremely easy (and economical) way to create a customized look.

Next, try adding interest to a typical gallery wall with the addition of monograms.  By throwing in a couple of different versions of a family monogram you can add a bit of whimsy and interest to a wall grouping.

Finally, if you don’t have the budget to purchase monogrammed tableware or linens, try adding a similar feel by creating your own monogrammed table runner.  It’s as simple as purchasing some fabric transfer paper, printing a monogram on it, and then ironing it onto a table runner.  Voila!  The sophistication of a monogram without the investment.

If you love the look of a monogram, why not try incorporating it into your décor in a new or unusual way?  These three suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg.  Use your imagination and you’ll find ways to add a monogram to just about any type of home décor you can think of.

~Wendy Hyde


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