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The Perfect Pergola

With springtime fast approaching, many of us are looking outside and itching to spruce up our yards. It can be a great time to add something new to your outdoor area, or to improve on existing features.

Pergolas are one of the fastest-growing outdoor trends, with styles and sizes to suit any need. Providing shade, as well as an area that is ideal for climbing plants, pergolas help add to the aesthetics of any outdoor area. Let’s explore a few styles, as well as ways to customize them to your outdoor theme.

Two-Beam and Deluxe Pergolas

Two-beam pergolas are the most standard and classic style of pergola. Because of their two-beam design, they are the only pergola that can be attached to an existing structure. Ideal for porches, they add a unique look, versus a standard roof or retractable umbrella. Finish off the look with a patio set in a shade to match the pergola.

Want to add some privacy to your outdoor pergola? Consider adding curtains rated for outdoor use. Curtain rods can be hung on the pergola in locations that will facilitate your privacy needs. The finished look will not only provide added privacy, but also unique style, to your outdoor structure.

Deluxe pergolas come in many styles and are constructed of a variety of materials, including pine, cedar and vinyl. Because they are free-standing, this type of pergola can be placed anywhere on your property. Use it near the pool for a fun retreat, or place it in a quiet spot in the back yard to create a safe haven from the noise and confusion of everyday life.

Small Pergolas

Like the look, but don’t have a lot of space to spare? A small pergola may be ideal for you. Available in sizes as small as 3 feet by 8 feet, these structures allow you to get the look without taking up valuable space. Pair them up with a small table and chairs to create an outdoor reading area, or a place to enjoy the occasional outdoor meal or snack.

Garden Pergolas

Want to use a pergola in a unique way? Consider placing one at the entrance to an outdoor garden. Garden pergolas – called arbors – usually arches that can serve as entryways. They create a dramatic entrance to your garden, welcoming all who stop by to visit.

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your arbor, consider one with gates or benches. The best arbor for outdoor use is one with a flat top. Equally sturdy and durable, they also encourage climbing vines and flowers, which can create a “crown” at the top. The best plants for garden arbors are wisteria, honeysuckle and hydrangea and trumpet vines.

Want to learn more about pergolas? Visit our website to speak with a qualified project manager who can help you choose the pergola that is right for you.

~Shari Berg


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