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Oh Hay!

Yes, it’s autumn and we all know what holiday is coming up. You might be on edge looking for fun and creative ways to entertain guests and your loved ones, and we’d like to tell you that one of the most common finds of the season can actually be a great resource for a variety of activities.

Here is our list of possible uses for hay that you may not have thought of:

  • Make a Maze:

    If you can get your hands on many hay bales, you have yourself the opportunity to construct an amazing hay maze.

  • Create an Obstacle Course:

    Hay bales can be difficult to climb and be used to create physical challenges that you and your guests can enjoy.

  • Construct Elevated Displays:

    By stacking hay bales, you can create decorative displays that really emit the atmosphere of fall.

  • Stuff a Scarecrow:

    Get some old clothes and stuff them with straw to create a life-size figure used for decorations or actually scaring away crows.

  • Use as Seating:

    Using hay bales as seating is a pretty convenient idea. You can stack them to make couches with armrests and backs and even have a few tables. You may want to keep them away from fire, though.

  • Accent with Straw:

    Placing straw in various places in and out of your home can be unexpected and really decorative.

  • Jump In:

    Why not jump in some hay the way you do in a pile of leaves? If you’re brave enough, you might even want to tunnel through it.

  • Hide Treasures in Hay:

    A creative way to have a scavenger hunt may be by hiding items in a hay stack, though you may want to avoid needles.

  • Create a Photo Op:

    Using hay and hay bales, you can make the perfect setting for fall pictures.

  • Bowl of Hay:

    Put some straw in a bowl like a bird’s nest and then put wrapped treats on top. It’s a cute way to celebrate the season.

  • Create a Hayride:

    A classic way to tour is on a seat of hay in the open air.

  • Create Cushions:

    If you plan on already being outdoors, why not make it a little more comfortable by stuffing pillow cases with straw to use as cushions?

  • Paint a Bale:

    Bales can be painted to look like monsters or even bullseyes for target practice.

  • Build a Structure:

    Use hay bales to build walls and you can create your own little area to gather.

  • Use in a Petting Zoo:

    Straw is great for bedding and could definitely be used when creating an attraction with animals.

  • Create Hay Animals:

    Using hay bales as torsos for figures is a convenient way to create the illusion of life-sized animals that you can sit on and hug if you want.

There you have it. Those are some of our ideas for using hay in a creative way. If you have another idea, comment below. We’d love to see what you come up with! And, as always, is the place to find all of your outdoor living structures, furniture, and decor. We’re hoping that you have a great time outdoors this fall.


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