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Wind Spinners

Have you ever stopped to really look at a Wind Spinner? Exactly what do they really do beyond serve as lawn decorations? Well, Wind Spinners actually inspired inventions like the windmill and the sail. Wind power was the method of choice long ago and Wind Spinners were prime examples of how the wind could move an object.

Meadowgold Wind Spinner

A Wind Spinner is classified as a whirligig. Whirligigs are devices with spinning parts and there are many variations that all had the same common thread. Pinwheels, buzzers, and whirlybirds are all recognized as whirligigs, though each one may have an entirely different design. These devices were used for entertainment as well as a practical source to move objects and study the science of motion.

Feather Wind Spinner

As new forms of energy became popular, wind power become less needed and whirligigs became a novelty more than a useful item. Still, these devices nodded to the past and were aesthetically appealing. Handheld whirligigs inspired more complex designs that eventually became extremely intricate with the help of laser cutting. A new array of colors was also introduced, allowing for a range of Wind Spinners not seen prior.

Autumn Leaf Wind Spinner

We, at, really enjoy Wind Spinners and look to share that experience with others. Why not take a look at how a simple device can move with the help of the wind? They’re not only decorative but a historical treasure as well.


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