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Trend Alert: Mixing Patterns

There are “rules” in decorating that one learns when taking formal courses.   Anymore, however,when it comes to decorating, it seems like rules are made to be broken.

Let’s take pattern, for example.  Formal design rules say that you shouldn’t combine more than two patterns.  And when you do combine pattern, you should make sure that one is larger in scale and one is smaller in scale.  You should also make sure that you don’t combine more than one of the same type of pattern if they are similar in scale.  In other words, don’t put two large scale geometrics together.  Those are the rules.

And this is the trend.  Pattern, pattern and more patterns.  Combine any patterns together that you please.  The bolder the better in many cases.  That said, there are ways to make sure that combining patterns doesn’t result in a room that makes you nervous to be there or that gives you eye strain.

Rule #1:  Use colors with similar intensities, and make sure that the colors blend well together.  If you are worried about colors working together, try one of the many online tools to help you find a color scheme that works. Rule #2: You may combine patterns of similar scale if the colors complement one another.  For example, pull a color from one of the patterns and use if for the other one.

Rule #3 Trust your eye.  If something looks “off” to you, it usually is.

Decorating really is about feeling comfortable in, and loving, your space.  Sure there are rules.  And the rules work.  But sometimes coloring outside the lines creates a space just as beautiful and much more reflective of the person living in it.  So have fun and mix those patterns!

~Wendy Hyde


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