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Spring Has Sprung: Let’s Garden!

Something everyone knows about me is my love of gardens and plants. My home is a leafy jungle and that’s how I like it. In Pittsburgh, I wait and plan all fall and winter what I will grow outside in my garden the following spring and summer. I remember being about four years old and sitting in my grandmother’s garden, snatching snap peas off the vine, cracking them open and eating the peas inside still warm from the sun. I think that’s where my love of gardens and plants stem from (I’m a pun-ny gardener). And this year is no different. My gardening zeal is in full swing and I was laying out containers and seed packets last night in my kitchen, making sure no seed was left behind. So far, I’ve bought seeds for lavender, sage, chives, yellow squash, heirloom romaine lettuce, parsley, dill, and basil—and I’m just getting started.

When Do We Plant our Garden?

Spring officially started on March 20 (in the Northern Hemisphere). What that means is that the Sun crossed the celestial equator on March 20, moving from the southern to northern hemisphere. Days and nights are basically equal length and the North Pole is leaning toward the Sun. We call that the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox. In layperson terms: it is time to get our outdoors and gardens in shape for the season. So, when is it ok to plant outside? Check your Hardiness Zone, but you generally can sow seeds and put plants outside after the last frost date. You can start planting seeds inside, if you like, about six weeks prior to the last frost date. Here, in Pittsburgh (Hardiness Zone 6B), our last frost date is May 15. And, you bet, it’s marked in my planner. I’m ready; are you?

Outdoor and Garden Ideas:

To help with your spring gardens and outdoor havens, we’ve especially chosen some unique and gorgeous garden, flower, and outdoor décor to make the options less overwhelming. Our planters and deck boxes are not just beautiful, but super functional for all your growing needs. Some are self-watering, which is so helpful, especially when you’re on vacation. Esthetically pleasing, from planter birdhouses and wagons, to metal, wicker, red cedar, and teak garden containers—we have you covered. And I don’t know about you, but a potting table is definitely on my list to buy. One of ours has a slatted work area so extra potting soil falls into a bin below, and that bin holds up to 14 gallons! Such easy cleanup (and easy to reuse that potting medium). We also chose to highlight our wishing wells. They are so sweet and endearing, a perfect companion to any outdoor space.

Eastern Red Cedar Peddler's Cart Planter

Eastern Red Cedar Peddler’s Cart Planter


Cyprus Potting Table deisgned for easy clean up

Cyprus Potting Table designed for easy clean up


Stone Wishing Well available in four sizes

Stone Wishing Well available in four sizes

I’d love to know what you’re growing in your garden this year. Leave me a comment and tell me your plans for the season. May your gardens be as lush as your dreams for them. Happy Spring, everyone!

Garden Ideas Curated For Your Outdoor Space:



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