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Creating an Outdoor Haven

With temperatures slowly increasing and Spring weather trying to settle in, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about creating your outdoor haven. What makes you happy? Lots of leafy foliage, a comfortable space to sit with family and friends, or maybe great lighting with a sweet outdoor dining area will turn your outdoor space into a relaxing haven. We have a few tips and ideas to help you get prepared for the warm weather.


Take Stock of What You Already Have

A great way to see what you need is to figure out what you already have. Make your lists of toss, donate, and keep and go from there. Can a few coats of paint repurpose anything? Does anything need repaired? And, most importantly, what do you not have to create your outdoor haven? Figure out what you have and can use again to ascertain what you need.


Clean and Update Your Outdoor Furniture

Working with what you already have, give it a good cleaning and get rid of those winter cobwebs and grime. Pressure wash your deck, patio, or porch. Clean your outdoor carpets. Repair any damaged window or door screens. Get your grill ready for upcoming cookouts. Switch the direction of your outdoor ceiling fans to draw the hot air up and away from you (fans should be counterclockwise in warm weather). Check your patio and outdoor lighting so you have the best ambiance. Don’t forget about patio umbrellas and fencing. Get your outdoor furniture ready to use!


Curate an Outdoor Haven

Whether it’s just for you, for two, or for a large, extended family, dream big. What means relaxation to you? For me, my outdoor haven is my porch, a lot of greenery, and a sweet, comfortable spot to sit and relax with friends and family. I like light, soft blankets, rocking chairs, hanging lights, and a lot of pillows. Maybe for you it’s an outdoor bar, a fire pit, al fresco dining, or a movie projector and a screen. An outdoor carpet can pull an entire area together. You might also want to leave some greenspace for dogs, kids, a meditation area, or lawn games. When redoing a space, I like to draw a rough sketch so I have some idea of what will fit, where.


Decide on Your Outdoor Upgrades

Now that you know what you have and what is useable from last year, what do you want to add this year? Smaller items can make a splash: a birdhouse, lawn decorations, or a new rocking chair. Maybe you need a new dining area or a comfy sofa to sink into. Is this the year for a gazebo or a trail bridge? Never underestimate the relaxation power of a good hammock. And don’t forget about lighting, pillows, and a carpet to pull it all together. The options are limitless; it’s about what you want and what makes an outdoor haven for you.


Poly Lumber Mission 4 Piece Corner Sofa Set w/ Sunbrella Cushions

Poly Lumber Mission Four-Piece Corner Sofa Set with Sunbrella Cushions


Treated Pine Greenfield Arbor and 5' English Garden Swing Set

Treated Pine Greenfield Arbor and 5′ English Garden Swing Set


12' Cedar Single Roof Octagon Gazebo shown with Clear Stain, Full Set of Screens with Screen Door, and Weathered Wood Asphalt Shingles.

12′ Cedar Single Roof Octagon Gazebo with Clear Stain, Full Set of Screens with Screen Door, and Weathered Wood Asphalt Shingles




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