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Your beautiful patio furniture shouldn’t be left alone to battle winter’s changing temperatures, snow and wind. Follow our 7 tips to learn how to protect your outdoor furniture from all the elements and leave it looking fresh for spring:

  1. Clean all outdoor furniture and accessories, like your umbrella or seat cushions, as directed by the manufacturer.
  2. Store your patio umbrellas upright. Make sure to lean them against a wall or hang them from hooks. Avoid storing them on the ground where mice or insects can take a bite.
  3. Store your outdoor furniture in an enclosed space like your garage, shed or basement.’s 108″ Terrace Elite Rectangular/Oval Table and 6 Standard Chair Cover is perfect during the winter months!

  4. But, if space is an issue – don’t worry. You can still store your furniture outside, but make sure to use well-fitted covers to protect it from the rain, sleet or snow. The covers should be heavy-duty fabric, water-repellant to protect against moisture damage, have built in venting so air can circulate to avoid mold and mildew growth, be durable with drawstring ties or elastic hems and have reinforced seams to keep the covers securely in place on windy winter days. Check out our wide variety of furniture covers here.
  1. Wrap seat cushions in an old bed sheet and store in a container. Large garbage bags work wonders too. But, make sure cushions are completely dry before you wrap them, otherwise you’ll find mold when you go to open them in the spring!
  1. While adding a protective coating to your wicker furniture is sometimes a necessity to keep it looking fresh for spring;’s collection of wicker furniture requires very little maintenance. Because our furniture is aluminum framed with vinyl, you’ll just need to do a simple cleaning before you store it away for the season! Our Wicker Sands Chaise Lounge is a great example of our low maintenance outdoor furniture.
  2. Protect wooden furniture, like picnic tables, by applying an even coat of water-based wood sealant with a paintbrush. It protects against sun damage, mildew and termites, depending on the brand purchased.

Protecting your outdoor furniture may take a few hours, but it’s well worth it when the warmth returns and it’s time to relax in your Fifthroom! Head on over to to find the next addition to your outdoor furniture collection!



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