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One Word that Kills Your Motivation to Do Yardwork


Yardwork provides many rewards: satisfaction of a job well-done, a beautiful scene to look at from the window or patio and a conversation piece for entertaining your visitors.

On the other hand, a portion of yardwork can cause some people to cringe. One word that kills your motivation to do yardwork is planting.  For novice or young yard workers and gardeners, planting is kind of fun. For others, the amount of time and planning required to perfect your planting is cumbersome, and it has actually been one of the top causes of back pain reported to chiropractors.

Here’s how to tackle that one word that kills your motivation to do yardwork and create that beautiful outdoor area you’ve always dreamed of having.

Plant in the Right Place

Get motivated to do yardwork by taking time to sketch out what you want and where you want it. Things to consider for planning your plants include:

  • Amount of sunlight the spot in the yard does (or doesn’t) get.
  • Where a deck, patio, backyard pavilion or other outdoor structure is and whether or not the plant has the potential to grow under or over it – and whether or not you’re okay with that.
  • Your view from the living room window and what you’d like to be able to see even if you’re not outside.

To find the right place to plant, try taking a picture of your backyard and drawing on it with a pen or in a computer program to think about where you want grass, flowers, trees or fruits and vegetable plants. Another option would be to place large, empty pots or containers where you think you want to grow your plants and take a look at it from all angles.

Beautiful examples of plant placement that enhances this outdoor area


Plant at the Right Depth

If you plant a tree, plant or even seeds too shallow, the roots could be ripped out by wildlife or inclement weather. On the other hand, if it’s too deep, it could stop air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots, too, making it hard for them to grow and thrive.

Plant at the Right Time

Some plants just won’t grow in your environment or they need a specific season or weather to grow. Yardwork will be much more fulfilling if you research your plant, tree, shrub or grass and place the seeds – or a partially grown plant – at the optimal time.

Plant out of Reach of Wildlife

If you spend hours planning your yard’s layout and researching the best way to care for your lawn or plants, the last thing you want is for a deer, squirrel or other wildlife to come in and eat it all up. To ensure this isn’t a problem, consider fencing in your yard or garden, and other option would be to plant bitter-tasting flowers or shrubs so that animals will be deterred from eating your whole garden.


                The right flower or plant mix could help deter wildlife from eating your yard


Now that you’ve tackled your planting problem, start to think about what patio furniture, backyard pavilions and other outdoor structures and accessories will make your backyard the one you’ve always dreamed of. See what your options are here.



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