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5 Essentials for Outdoor Entertaining

Let’s be honest, outdoor parties in the summer are way more fun than parties in the winter. If you are a winter-born baby, weren’t you so jealous of the kids who celebrated their birthdays hosting pool parties when you were younger?

Well, it doesn’t have to be your birthday to celebrate outdoors! Celebrate the warmth and the opportunity to spend quality time outdoors! Here are five essentials you’ll need to host a memorable outdoor party:

1. Shelter
Whether that sun is baking on you or the rain decided to show, if you plan on having shelter over your party – no need to worry! A gazebo, pergola, ramada, pavilion or canopy will work great. Your choice will depend on your party size. If you are having a large party and plan to invite 20 or more people, we suggest going with a pavilion. If you expect a smaller crowd, you can get away with a 12′ x 18′ Gazebo.'s 12' x 18' Vinyl Elongated Hexagon Belle Gazebo makes for an intimate party setting!’s 12′ x 18′ Vinyl Elongated Hexagon Belle Gazebo makes for an intimate party setting!

2. Lighting
The best thing about throwing an outdoor party? You don’t need many decorations! Instead, opt for great lighting.

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We love strings of lights! If you have an extension cord and power source, hanging them up is a breeze! Their simple look gives off just enough light for you and your guests to see when the sun goes down. Set the mood with this relaxing look or turn up the energy of your party with’s Outdoor Wicker Barrel Floor Lamp.'s Outdoor Wicker Barrel Floor Lamp makes a statement at any party.’s Outdoor Wicker Barrel Floor Lamp makes a statement at any party.

3. Seating
You’ll need to provide comfortable seating for your guests. Outdoor lounge seating, shown below, is really in right now.

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Fuse indoor furniture into your outdoor party space and you’ll have an instant lounge area where your guests will be able to relax.

4. Music
Music helps set the tone for the party and makes it flow throughout the night. Think about the kind of music your guests would like (not just what you like)! Music streaming sites like Pandora are low-maintenance and inexpensive.

There are many different brands of outdoor speakers today. Try DIVOOM Voombox. Its sleek design and waterproof capability make it great for outdoor entertaining.

5. Food…a given.
Prepare simple dishes ahead of time like cold pasta and fruit salads paired with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.

And, frozen desserts like Cucumber Gin and Tonic Popsicles are a refreshing treat in the heat.

Turn to to complete your outdoor entertaining spaces! We have everything you need to throw a successful outdoor party from comfy lounge furniture to modern outdoor lighting to exclusive structures.

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Mia Boyd

Thanks for the information. I’ve been thinking about hosting some outdoor parties in my backyard, but I need to prep it first. I really like your idea about making sure you have some kind of covering; you wouldn’t want people to get rained on! I’m also going to make sure I play some music to help set the tone, just like you suggested. I’ve also been thinking about putting up some decorations. Would you recommend it?

Amanda King

You are welcome, Mia! Thanks for the kind words! Have a great outdoor party!!


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