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The Value of Adding a Pool House

Swimming Pools Then and Now

If you live on the east coast, you know how big of a deal swimming pools are! While pools aren’t as big a phenomenon in the south or west, swimming pools serve two great purposes:

  1. They are a great way to cool down in the heat.
  2. Pools make for great party zones to celebrate birthdays, graduations…you name it!

The first known swimming pool, the ‘great bath’, was built 5000 years ago in the Pakistani city settlement of Mehenjo-Daro. It was 39 feet long by about 23 feet wide (a medium-sized pool compared to today’s standards).

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Most scholars believe the space was used for religious functions to purify and renew the well being of bathers.

During Greek and Roman times, the standard of living increased and people could afford luxury items like pools. These pools are more similar to modern day swimming pools.

They not only enhanced the beauty of the landscape, but also provided a venue for socializing and exercising. It remained a venue for bathing and religious ceremonies, too.

Adding a Pool House

If you’ve already enhanced the beauty of your backyard with a swimming pool, take it a step further by installing a pool house!’s Vinyl Rectangle Pool House is a stunning enclosed space that’s perfect relaxing and cooling down poolside.'s Vinyl Rectangle Pool House.’s Vinyl Rectangle Pool House.

Product Features: You can add decorative spindle railings, seen on the Pool House above, to increase the already beautiful aesthetic. The screened in doors keep the bugs away and shade the area. And, our cupola is a traditional design element contrasting with the pool’s modern design.

Our Pool Houses can act a storage space for all your pool toys, accessories, and cleaning supplies. It’s also a convenient spot to install a bathroom or add on an outside shower — then your family and friends won’t have to track water all through your house on the way to the restroom!

And, our Dura-Temp Elongated Hexagon Pool House has a completely different look with its belle roof and bar counter!

Pool_House_4955’s Dura-Temp Elongated Hexagon Pool House.

This Pool House is much more casual. You and your friends can escape the heat and have a drink poolside! has the essentials you need to create an outdoor living space. And, we offer so much more than pool houses. We have the best in outdoor furniture, structures and decor!


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