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Winterize Your Sunroom

You already have your dream sunroom and until now, it’s been paradise. The question is- what do you do when it starts to get colder? We’ll help you start the process of winterizing your sunroom so that it will continue to be a refuge no matter the season.

Getting a head start on winterizing your sunroom is a good way to not get overwhelmed once the weather gets colder. The first thing you will want to do is declutter and deep clean the room. Decluttering really means removing all of the summer decor and outdoor toys and storing them elsewhere. You’re probably already considering a cozier look for the winter months so it makes sense to remove any beach themed items, for example.

When the weather is milder and you can officially close the windows for the winter, you can begin scrubbing down your sunroom. You’ll want to wait until the windows are closed because dust can continue to gather if they’re open. Using the top-down cleaning method, you can aim to clean light fixtures and ceiling fans first. A microfiber duster or your vacuum’s dust attachment should do the trick. Use a quality glass cleaner for your windows, and don’t forget to clean your walls, corners, and floor. Vacuuming baseboards, rugs, and chair cushions can help remove any dust and debris left over from the summer.

Now that your sunroom is clean, you can start thinking about what kind of furniture would be ideal for the winter. Over the summer, you may have had breezy furniture like Adirondack chairs or wicker items, but the colder season demands for pieces that are denser and better for getting cozy.

Buying new items might be on your list, and if so, you might be looking for furniture that can function in multiple seasons. Some good furniture options are teak, aluminum, and all-weather wicker. These materials are good for the colder months as well as the summer. They retain the heat when needed but also can stand up to moisture and wind during the summer months.

If you’re looking to give your sunroom a sense of style, look to the rest of your house for inspiration. Your sunroom is, after all, an extension of your home. As for the best way to layout your furniture and decor, consider the uses of your sunroom. It’s a good idea to arrange your furniture in a way that allows for room to move and space for conversation. Identifying a focal point in your sunroom can also greatly aid your arrangement. Often, people choose to showcase the view from the sunroom windows. Selecting comfortable furniture and placing it where people can enjoy all the features of the room is key.

During the winter, we all know that it can get really cold. The thought of going into a chilly sunroom is enough to turn many people off, but there are solutions to keep your sunroom warm in the winter months. A space heater or electric fireplace may really change the whole experience. There are also options to layer your floor to retain heat as well as using indoor-outdoor rugs. Covering your windows with plastic film insulation might be a solution if your sunroom is drafty. Adding throw pillows and blankets is always a great idea in any room during a cold winter, but you may want to look for fabric choices that are multi-seasonal when it comes to your sunroom.

As for decorating your sunroom, adding lighting for evening use is a great idea. Warm lighting can change the atmosphere greatly, especially on cold, gloomy days. Table lamps and floor lamps are great choices as are fun, festive holiday lights. Details like adding scented candles, books, wintry indoor plants, and pine-cones can also help to make the space cozier. Your sunroom might be the perfect place to celebrate holidays if you really take the time to make it livable in the winter months.

As you can see, your sunroom can be used year-round, even when it seems a little too cold out. A sunroom is a great place fr a winter retreat as well as a hot tub, playroom for the kinds, or a second living room. If you’ve yet to get the sunroom of your dreams, visit today and we can set you up.

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