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The Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

There’s no better time to discuss the health benefits of getting a breath of fresh air than the first week of a new year. Each year, many of us create goals hoping to make our professional and/or personal lives better. One easy way to make both of those sides of your life even better is to get outside and take in some fresh air. Here’s why:

There’s time for reflection
It’s important to reflect on your life, especially the activities of 2014, when creating your New Year’s Resolution. Relaxing outdoors is a great time to do just this. The quiet atmosphere and fresh air will help to clear your mind so you can start the year off feeling refreshed and ready for any new challenges that may come your way. Try getting a breath of fresh air at home, on vacation or even during your lunch break at work. This employee below took a break outside work in one of’s 10′ Treated Pine Gazebos. Behind her you can see the industrial work site, but our gazebo provides a calm sanctuary outside all the hustle and bustle.

Taking a break from work in’s Red Cedar Octagon Gazebo

Fresh air makes you happy
Being outside is not all fun and games – there are some major health benefits, too. Getting a dose of fresh air will actually make you happier. The chemical in your brain, serotonin, lightens your mood and makes you feel happy. Your serotonin levels are affected by the amount of oxygen you inhale, so breathing in fresh air will leave you feeling relaxed like these customers below. Adding one of’ Log Pergolas to your beach or residential home is a great way to have a reason to go outside and breathe in this wonderful fresh air! customers relax outdoors customers know how to relax outdoors!

You’ll have more energy
Getting fresh air increases your energy level and helps you think clearer. Our brains need twenty percent of our body’s oxygen, so inhaling more oxygen means our minds become more clear, our concentration becomes sharper, thus having a really positive effect on our overall energy level. Some things in life really are free!

The wedding party outside of's octagon gazebo is full of life!

The wedding party outside of’s 16′ White Vinyl Octagon Double Roof Gazebo is full of life!

Being outside clears your lungs
When we breathe out through our lungs, we are actually releasing airborne toxins from our body. Fresh air helps to improve this process and get all the bad stuff out! It also helps the airways of our lungs to dilate more fully.

So, what are you waiting for? Spring will be here before you know it. Head on over to to view our selection of outdoor living structures and furnishings that will give you a reason to spend more time in the beautiful environment of the outdoors!


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