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2015 Interior Design Trends

Back in October 2014, furniture gurus, interior designers and manufacturers got the scoop on what trends would be hot for 2015 at High Point Market. About 75,000 retailers attended the Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world that has become the leader in trend and business education. Not only did industry professionals learn what’s trending, but also they learned how to incorporate the styles. Since you couldn’t make it to the show, we’ve got you covered! Here are interior design trends you’ll see everywhere this year:

Reverting back to traditional styles
This one was surprising to me. For years, consumers have been buying up the raw, vintage-style (but new) furniture with an industrial look. But, industry experts are predicting that we will be moving away from this style and instead reverting back to traditional styles in 2015.

Jeffers Design Group. Featured on

To replicate this style in your home, search for mid-century modern design furniture with clean lines and a 1960’s, sophisticated vibe. You can even bring this style outdoors with’s Teak Port Sofa and Table Collection. Choose white cushions – they pair well with the sofa’s clean lines.’s Teak Port Sofa and Table Collection

Feeling Blue
Every year, trend makers pick colors that they think will be in demand in the coming year. This year’s choice: blue. From dark blues to grayish-blues, this is going to be the color to incorporate into furniture, walls and accents. Gray is also a color to watch out for this year. Gray is easy on the eyes and makes a great accent color for details like vases. The Pantone Color Institute who provides color trend forecasting and insights, predicted the blue hues titled ‘Seaport’ and ‘Stonewash’ will define the year.

Blue brings about the essence of nature, allowing us to escape from the stress of reality – and relax. For example, below is a photo of Caneel Bay Resort, where we designed a cabana. The resort uses blue as an accent for a vase and massage table blanket. The color also pairs well with the shore peaking in from outside.

Caneel Bay Resort

Metallic & Rustic
Combining these two opposite styles is going to be very fashionable this year! When you pair metallic, industrial looking furniture with rustic pieces, it gives your room an organic feel. While the traditional furniture style is making a comeback, pairing these two styles is one way to step back from using a complete industrial, modern look. Try pairing one of’s Vintage Foyer Benches made of white pine with a metallic vase filled with decorative branches.'s VIntage Foyer Bench’s VIntage Foyer Bench

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