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If you’ve ever been treated to a massage and added some aromatherapy to enhance the session, you know how powerful scent can be. Various scents can either relax, distress, create a happy mood or invigorate. If you love those scents indoors (sachets, cooking and cleaning products, dried flowers, essential oils), then try adding some “aromatherapy plants” in your garden this season! So many gardeners find the simple act of gardening relaxing—so take it a step further and treat your nose and your spirit to scents designed to wake up or relax your body.Scents To Relax: This is one of my favorite ways to relax—deeply breathing in lavender in my garden. Lavender has long been known to soothe anxious minds and bodies with its sweet and slightly spicy scent, and there are so many varieties that one will be perfect for your garden. Try English lavenders, Spanish lavenders or a group of lavenders called “Lavandins”—its scent is the most powerful and relaxing around. Lemon balm, chamomile and marigold are other relaxing plants to try.Scents to Cheer: These are what I call the “happy” scents; they just make you feel cheerful and carefree. One of the best plants for this type of aromatherapy is the rose—but choose carefully, as some roses offer little to no scent. Try ‘Crown Princess Margareta,’ ‘Fragrant Delight,’ ‘Lady Emma Hamilton,’ ‘Mamma Mia’ or ‘Prima Ballerina.’ Other plants to lift your spirits include lemon thyme, lemon verbena, honeysuckle and lemon grass.Scents to Invigorate: Looking for more of a kick? There are a number of plants with scents designed to invigorate and get you going. One of the best is rosemary—brush by it, snap off a stem and rub it between your fingers and you will be treated to a strong, pleasant scent for a little pick-me-up. Choose upright rosemary for large spaces, or opt for trailing rosemary if you have retaining walls that need softening. Other plants with exciting scents include geraniums, eucalyptus, jasmine and oregano.

~Jenny Peterson


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