Monogram It

Nothing says sophistication in décor quite like a monogram.  We’ve all seen monogrammed towels, monogrammed dishes or silverware, even monogrammed bedding.  Monograms are just as popular as ever, and they’re…

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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday for me. This is my birthday month (yes month.. wink!).. so ending the month with a lovely holiday that celebrate family and friends is the…

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Elements of a Successful Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a perfect way to display cherished family photos or a collection of prized artwork. They are also extremely popular in current decorating trends. In order for a gallery wall to be successful, however, it takes more than just placing pictures on the wall in a group. By incorporating the following tips, you can easily create a gallery wall that will both showcase your prized photos or art, and be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

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