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How to Plan a Romantic Outdoor Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day owes it origins to both Christians and Ancient Romans, with a history that’s a blend of pagan holidays for fertility, priests who defended the right to love and of course, the modern trend of exchanging Valentine’s cards to friends and partners alike.

There’s no right way to plan Valentine’s Day, so if you need some inspiration, here’s how to plan a romantic outdoor Valentine’s Day.

Plan a Project Together

Maybe it’s finally upgrading the kitchen. Maybe you now have time and the means to turn the sad, often neglected, backyard into an outdoor oasis. Maybe it’s browsing arbor kits and garden furniture to finally make your garden more than just a few flower beds.

Is Home Depot romantic? No. But planning a project together can give two people the opportunity to focus on a similar goal together. Studies have found that boredom leads to feelings of distance and unhappiness in couples, and so couples that establish meaningful, joint goals are less likely to experience that distance and unhappiness.

outdoor garden arbor

Find a View

Does your town or city have an ice skating rink? A light display? How about a mountain top that shows off a breathtaking view the surrounding nature or city scape? More likely than not, there’s a beautiful, outdoor view somewhere around you – even if it’s just being in a field looking up at the stars – that would make for a romantic, outdoor Valentine’s Day.

The Fastest Way to Anyone’s Heart. . .

Is through their stomach. And by February, most people are feeling the cabin fever and could use some time outside. For a romantic outdoor Valentine’s Day, you can plan a picnic at a local park or in your own backyard.

Another option, if you’re in a colder environment, would be to make a warm drink and go for a walk in the woods or around the neighborhood. You could even take the time to dust the snow off of the porch swing and sit side-by-side for a few minutes, appreciating the calm that the cool air brings. Great ideas for a beverage to warm you up include hot chocolate, warm vanilla milk and salted caramel apple cider. Just whip up a batch on the stove, pour it into a travel mug and head outdoors.

outdoor porch swing


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