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Gazebo Turned Planetarium

Here at Fifthroom, we have a lot of wonderful stories we could share about how our customers use our products to enhance their lives. This story is one of our favorites and we wanted to share it with you:

In Westfield, NJ there were plans to demolish a historic planetarium, but Dr. Roy Nuzzo stepped in and made a donation in order to keep the planetarium standing.

Planetariums are essentially theatres where educational and entertaining shows about astronomy take place. And, even though this particular planetarium was not in working condition, Roy’s passion for planetariums drove him to repair it.

Roy also wanted to house it on the side of his home as an addition, but he couldn’t get the permit to do so from his town. Seven years went by with 35 declines and a lot of funds directed to architects for designs including notable professionals like Tom Wright who is most recognized for his design of the luxury five-star hotel, Burj Al Arab in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Roy then turned to Fifthroom.

Fifthroom worked with Roy to design a structure that Roy envisioned – something that needed to pass the building inspector and would eventually house a planetarium dome. Here at Fifthroom, we think outside the box, so when Roy came to us, we knew exactly what he needed.

One of our dedicated Project Advisors asked him, “If your town won’t let you build a structure that looks like a Gazebo onto your house, did you try asking your town if they would allow you to add a Gazebo to your yard?”

We designed a custom 30′ Treated Pine Dodecagon Double Roof Gazebo to meet Roy’s needs. The design passed, but the gazebo’s tall height was an issue. So, we came up with the idea to set the gazebo into a hole, instead of it being entirely above ground.

The Interior

With a little bit of landscaping, the gazebo turned planetarium sits beautifully and naturally in his yard.

The finished Gazebo at Roy's home.

The finished Gazebo at Roy’s home.

Roy now hosts Super Bowl parties each year inside and laser light shows that coincide with the planetarium. _B8C3025
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