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Fall Closet Updates Incoming

Fall Closet Updates Incoming: As of the twenty-second of last month (September), we have officially entered the fall season, and while the weather here in western Pennsylvania continues to teeter between summer and fall as usual, we are all starting to feel the chill in the air (at least every few days or so). The season of cozy sweaters, warm hats, scarves, flannels, and boots approaches, and we are going to have to update our closets to match the weather as it continues to change. With everything happening in the world today, a lot of us are trying to be more conscientious about things like clothing waste, supporting local small businesses, and sourcing our clothes ethically, not to mention saving money at a time of year when it is notoriously hard to do so. We could all use some tips to help us to juggle all of these important things to think about. As always, please leave your own tips, tricks, and experiences in the comments below!

There is a theme running through the trends that are going to be popular this fall, and that is the idea of “revenge dressing”. As people are getting more comfortable with being back out in the world, they are ready to make up for all of the things that they haven’t gotten the chance to do for the past two years, including getting to wear all of the amazing outfits that have been gathering dust, even if they are just going to the grocery store. This has led to a lot of non-traditional day-looks, but honestly at this point, if you want to wear sequined pants and a crop top to Walmart at 11AM on a Tuesday because it makes you feel good, the more power to you. With everything we have and will continue to deal with, we’ve earned it. That being said, be bold this fall, no one is going to judge you, but if they do who cares? Integrate saturated hues, bold colors and patterns, sequins, big purses, puffy jackets, tailored suits, cable knits, dark florals, and high-waisted denim into your wardrobe this fall. Make a statement.

More Styles: Gold, High-waited Denim, Dark Academia, Revenge Dressing, Bodysuits, Ski-Chic, Saturated Hues, Lavender, Sequins, Cutouts, 90s Revival, Early 2000s Revival, Cable Knits, Big Purses, Puffy Coats, Ultra Tailored, Roaring 20s Revival, Bold Patterns, Dark Floral, Colors: (Indigo, Clay, Army Green, Red, fuchsia, Lilac, Silver).

Repurposing / DIYs

I talked about the effects of fast fashion on the environment, as well as the importance of reusing and repurposing within our own homes in my post about upcycling. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it is easier said than done. If you want to do your part to reduce the negative impact of clothing waste on the environment, and end up with beautifully made upcycles pieces, but either you aren’t that into crafting, or you aren’t the best at things like that, fear not. There are people who will create beautiful repurposed pieces such as making a blanket from your favorite old t-shirts. This has the added bonus of supporting artists in the process of reducing clothing waste. If you are a crafty person or you would like to try and be a crafty person then there are endless ways to repurpose things with varying degrees of skill and effort. If you really aren’t that interested in repurposed items, that’s okay too. You can still make a positive environmental impact by donating your used clothing to shelters, thrift shops, or someone in need that you personally know.

Shopping Smart / Thrifting

No one, especially me, is saying that you can’t buy new cloths, but I think we can all agree that choosing versatile pieces that will last a long time is going to be in your best interest. Bonus points if you can support a local small business in the process. Though it can be hard to avoid the trap of the fast fashion that is marketed to us every single day, it is so worth it when you find a piece that you really love that lasts for years. Thrifting is another way of shopping smart that can lessen negative effects on the planet as well as our wallets. It is hard to argue with positive results, and when you can still look amazing while having a positive impact it makes it that much easier to make the decision to do it. We are living in the technological age, meaning that we don’t even have to leave our couches to go shopping anymore. With resale apps available at the touch of a button, this even includes thrift shopping. So, check out the options for thrifting in your area, or see what online options spark your interest.

Your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs an update as the seasons change. Your home could use a boost to help it be its coziest this fall. For all of your needs outside of the wardrobe this fall, has you covered. Cozy up your indoor and outdoor spaces alike with crafted-to-last rugs, quilt racks, and more. You can even continue to show the planet some love with our recycled options including décor, furniture, and more!



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