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If you’re like me, you yearn for simple, quick-to-create garden projects. We all have those long-term plans (the raised beds, building a shed, constructing an arbor), so sometimes we love to have a project that we complete in an afternoon with materials we already have on hand. That’s my kind of project! Here’s one I’ve created a number of times—and you can change out the “look” with the seasons or simply at your own whimsy. It’s a garden “table” made from a terracotta pot. Here’s what you need:


1 Large pot, terracotta or glazed

1 Planter stand, optional, if you want to raise the height of the table

1 round glass topper for decorative side tables—sold at craft stores for about $10.00

Crumbled up newspaper or plastic bags for fill

Decorative moss

Decorative items (wine corks/glasses, Christmas lights, seashells, decorative rocks, etc.)

Get your pot in place, and set it on the plant stand if you are using one. You don’t want to move it after the project is put together, so plan ahead to avoid the inconvenience. I placed mine right by my entryway on the front porch as a welcome beacon for visitors, but your backyard patio or porch would work well, too.

Pack your pot with the crumbled newspapers or plastic bags. This will fill your pot and give support to the decorative items you want to add on top.  Next, add a good layer of moss to hide the packing material—I used Spanish moss that is readily available at craft stores. Now, gather up your items—they can be seasonal for the summer — or simply a collection of some of your favorite things like rocks, wine glasses/paraphernalia, and postcards from your travels or dried flowers. I change my display out with my mood, but I’ve had a wine theme going in there for a while now.

When you are done arranging your display items, add the clear glass topper over the top of your pot, and your garden table is ready for entertaining or for holding your cup of coffee as you read the newspaper!

I don’t suggest adding a lot of décor on top of this table—perhaps a simple candle—otherwise you will cover up your display items inside. Have fun changing out your décor as the mood hits you!

~Jenny Peterson


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