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5 Ways To Get Ready For Holiday Guests

Fall brings cooler weather, cozy clothing and lots of visiting friends and family, especially as the holidays draw near. It’s time to get your house in order — literally – to make sure you’ve covered all the bases to make your guests extra glad they came to visit!

One. Create a Holiday To-Do List. Whether you use a smartphone app, a bulletin board or old-fashioned pen and paper, a holiday to-do list will have you feeling that you’ve instantly taken control. And, don’t forget to set yourself deadlines for each and every task.


Two. Take Inventory. Does your guest room need a new mattress, new pillows, new linens, better lighting? If so, sooner, rather than later, is the time to replace and refresh your guest room.


Three. De-Clutter Coat Racks, Closets and Drawers. Your guests will be coming in from the cold and most likely they’ll need places to hang coats, scarves, gloves, boots and more. Also make sure that guest room closets and dresser drawers are free of “stuff” so your guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases.


Four. Stock Up On Guest Supplies. Make sure to have lots of towels, pillows, blankets, soap, shampoo, tissues and toilet paper so that you don’t have to make a last minute dash to the store when your guests arrive. Also, make sure your guests know where everything is stored so that they can find things easily.


Five. Don’t Forget Their Favorites. Does your aunt love to curl up with a great Jane Austen novel? Does your cousin love a special blend of tea? Does Grandma simply love fresh flowers everywhere? Remembering the “little things” is so important and will make your guests feel especially welcome.


A little planning now will allow you to be stress-free and ready to celebrate with family and friends at holiday time.


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