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Urban Gardening – How to Create Another Room

Living in the city has its benefits, but it poses some challenges. Take it from me – I’m a city girl with more dings in my car than I can count on one hand. Things are just a little more complicated in the city. Space is one issue. Because of this, urban gardening needs creativity and a hint of design. And, if you light it properly, it gives the impression that your garden is another room of the house, the Fifthroom perhaps. Here are some ideas to inspire you to create the perfect room in your garden:

Note: Even if you’re not a city slicker, these tricks are still good to use in the ‘burbs or in the country!

Build a wall
If you are working with a roof terrace, build a wall of green shrubs around it. The wall creates a romantic, private atmosphere, but is much prettier than a concrete wall. The vegetation is charming paired with a classic outdoor dining set like’s Wicker Domain Deep Seat Patio Collection.

Photo: Homedit

Photo: Homedit

Use potted plants
If your city backyard is on the smaller side and solely concrete or even has very little grass, potted plants are a great way to still have that beautiful garden you’ve always wanted. Stick with light colors to keep the overall aesthetic breezy. Remember to plant vertically to save space. A small set of patio furniture is ideal for this miniature garden. Try’s Poly Lumber 3-Piece Cozi-Back Counter Set. The poly lumber is maintenance free and guaranteed not to crack, chip, peel, rot or rust!'s Polywood 3-Piece Cozi-Back Counter Set’s Poly Lumber 3-Piece Cozi-Back Counter Set

Create the illusion of space
Designers use this trick indoors: if you are struggling for space, adding a mirror to your garden creates the illusion of more space! Simply hang the mirror on your home, shed, or even on a fence like the photo below. Choose a large mirror in a neutral color that matches your patio furniture or any other structure in your garden. A little design on the mirror shows personality, too.

Photo by NotJustaHouse

Section off zones
A three-room apartment always feels bigger than a studio apartment, right? Bring this concept outdoors: segment your terrace or garden to make it feel bigger than it is. You can start by creating a dining section with a long rectangular or oval table and chairs. Define the space even further by adding a pergola.’s Vinyl 4-Corner Cozy Free Standing Pergola comes in sizes ranging from 8’ x 8’ to 16’ x 32’, so if space is a concern for you, no worries!’s 4-Corner Cozy Free Standing Pergola

Take full advantage of your urban garden with these tips and head over to to get even more inspiration from our beautiful outdoor lighting, furniture and large structures!


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