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The Feel of Winter

What does Winter feel like to you?  I’m not so much a winter person, I’m more of a sandels and short sleeve sit out side all year kind of gal. But I live in Virginia where we do have a winter. I plugged “winter” into the International Quilt Study Center and Museum database online and found 2 quilts tagged for winter, both by International quilters.  “The Sea of Japan in Winter” was made by  Shizuko Kuroha in Tokyo,Japan, Dated 1983. Ilove how very tonal it is with just that one block popping out. It reminds me of a winter sky, but I wonder if the maker lives by the sea? This quilt is big enough at 79″ x 78″ to snuggle under on a winter night.

This quilt really does speak of winter. “Winter’s Gate” is made by Linda Colsh from Everberg Belgium in 2008.  I lived in Belgium for four years and I agree the winter can look like this (spring too.. but pretend I didn’t say that!). This is a very small piece at 9″ x 9″ that is screen printed.

My own winter quilts tend toward the whimsical and snowmen are my favorites! My Jester Snowman is so fun and can hang in any spot to keep you cheerful for the winter! If you don’t live anywhere cold – or even if you do – looking at the winter sky from this garden bridge would be beautiful. I think it goes well with the quilt made by Shizuko.

Do you have a snowman quilt?

~Pat Sloan


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