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Staycation Ideas for This Summer

With summer approaching and Covid restrictions starting to lift, the urge to start to travel again is starting to strengthen in some of us. Others aren’t quite ready to take those steps yet, and for those people, and those that fall somewhere it the middle, I have compiled a list of staycation Ideas for this summer. No matter what your comfort level is right now, summer vacations are probably starting to invade your thoughts. Thankfully, there are ways to work within your comfort zone, and still have a really amazing summer staycation. I have put together a short list of things that can be done in varying degrees of social distancing that will hopefully at least inspire you as you try and find ways to relax and destress this summer, even if you are not yet ready to venture out into the world again. Feel free to add in any ideas that you may have in the comment section, as well as how any of these suggestions have worked out for you!


Cool off in the Water 

No matter what age you are, water in some form is almost always an integral part of summertime activities, and whether you have a pool or not, there are ways to incorporate it into your staycation this summer. Check out a natural body of water in your area, set up a sprinkler or slip and slide in the backyard with your kids if you have them, or have a water balloon fight. Whether you are making memories with family or friends, or just cooling off by yourself this summer, click here to check out the outdoor living section of for any outdoor furniture that you need.

Host a Game Night (In-Person or Virtually) –

Finding ways to spend time with the people you love has never been more important, and game night is a great way to do that while also allowing you to work within your comfort zone as far as social distancing goes. You can do a fully in person game night, a completely virtual event, or somewhere in between. There is a myriad of online game night options out there, as well as games that can still be played while staying six feet apart, or using your smart phone. Take the time to decide what you are comfortable with and plan out a game night with your friends and or family. Whatever way you choose to host this summer has everything you need to get your indoor spaces ready for company again.

Check out Local Parks –

Take some time to look into local parks, hiking or biking trails, or interesting places to walk in your area, and get out into nature (or even out into the city if that is more your speed). Taking even a few minutes to get outside and take in the sites and breathe the fresh air. Go for a walk or hike, take a bike ride, or even just sit and read, journal, or listen to music or a great podcast. Spending at least ten minutes outside per day is proven to improve mood, heart rate, and focus, lower blood pressure, and other provide other much needed health benefits.

Check out Local Museums (In-Person or Virtually)  –

If going to museums is something that you enjoy, then a really great staycation activity is definitely to check out one (or several) of your local museums. If you are not quite ready to visit in person, there are virtual tours available at some places. Check online to see what options your favorite museum is offering.

Try a New Restaurant (or Grab Takeout) –

I am confident in saying that just about all of us have restaurants, bars, wineries, bakeries, or other establishments that we have been wanting to try, but can never seem to get around to for some reason or another. Staycations are the perfect time to finally try those out. If you feel more comfortable with takeout or delivery, most places offer at least one, if not both, of these options. This can also be a great opportunity for a romantic dinner with your partner, or a fun family picnic. No mater how you are comfortable doing this, it is one of those simple pleasures in life that anyone can enjoy in some way or another.

Read a Book –

With the rise of streaming services in recent years, I know that I am not reading as much as I used to. Because of this I have ended up with a stack of books I have been meaning to read for a long time now. If you are anything like me in this sense, then a staycation is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of that reading that you have been meaning to do. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of furniture to lay out and read a book in, check out the selection of lounge chairs and more available on today!

Have a Movie Night –

There is something so nostalgic about movie night, and the fact that there are so many ways to do it nowadays doesn’t hurt either. You can go classic with popcorn and movies in the living room, put up a white sheet and some lawn chairs in the backyard and get a mini projector to set up your movie, or put whatever spin on it that works for you. For the perfect furniture (indoor or outdoor) for your movie night is waiting for you at! Check out our available selection now!

Drink and Paint (DIY or at a Shop) –

A lot of drink and paint places are mom and pop type shops with a great customer focus, who are uniquely capable of providing a niche service, and doing it well. It is definitely worth it to patronize a local business like this, but if for any reason that isn’t an option for you right now, it could still be fun to try your own version at home. Trying a drink and paint project or other craft by yourself or with friends or family (virtually or in person) could be a really great way to bond with your loved ones and unwind at the same time. So, grab a bottle of your favorite wine, or a couple of your favorite cocktails, and get in touch with your creative side while bonding with your loved ones.


Check out Local Tourist Spots –

You most likely don’t think about what it would be like to be a tourist where you live very often, but you would probably be surprised at the number of things to do it your area that you have never even thought of. Take some time to look at your area from the perspective of a tourist. Make a list of restaurants, bars, mom and pop shops, museums, and other sites or events that you would not normally of checking out. Make a day out of it, or longer if you would like.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, remember that has everything you need to help make it a memorable one.


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