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Introducing The Art of Making with Pat Sloan

I’m Designer and Quilting Radio show host Pat Sloan! I’m delighted to be writing the crafting column for Fifthroom Living this year.

My column is about ‘making things’ and how ‘making things’ can improve our lives. Those of us who make things do it for many reasons.


  1. To relax – believe it or not, some of us do find stringing 800 beads into a necklace relaxing … or cutting and sew fabric back together as fun
  2. To share – we crafters love to hang out with other crafty people. Sharing resources, techniques and tutorials. That is what I plan to ‘share’ here each week.
  3. To build friendship – most makers of things want to hang out with others that do the same! Either in a workshop, in a guild, online, or an informal group. The best part of these friends are they ‘get you’.
  4. To make a gift – how many times have you looked for a gift and not been able to find exactly what you want. Maybe the color was wrong, or the size. Well if you make it yourself it will be perfect!
  5. To make an heirloom – Every thing from a knitted christening gown, to an heirloom quilt can be done with quality supplies and made with the utmost of care so it will last a life time. Creating an heirloom for your family an excellent reason to make it yourself.
  6. To decorate – Oh yeah! This is the biggie.. what better way to add to your home and make it personal than create the items yourself! For pennies you can change out your decorations and have fun doing it.

Since my main business is being a Designer and radio show host in the world of quilting, I want to share my work with you.

A throw or lap quilt will really make a statement in your room. This one has just 2 fabric colors and can be used to enhance a color these.

Baskets are a favorite shape for not only quilters, but crafters of all sorts! We haul in them, store in them, we even make them ourselves! I own some incredible baskets and one time i even made one.. maybe I’ll show that one to you some day…

And one of the easiest ways to bring color and themes to your table is with a table runner.. easy and fast!

All these patterns can be found in my book called “Camera Color Quilt

Do you make? Do you want to learn to make? Let me know in the comments the types of things you want to make and watch this spot each week for a new Crafty article…

Until next week, go make something!






Join the conversation:

Deb Fox

Great column Pat! I would love to do a series of table runners to spruce up my kitchen!


Love the colum Pat… I like to create tablerunners and wall hangings to change the look of my rooms.

Marcia Kosturock

Beautiful work Pat. I’m always delighted by what you do, so I’m just excited to see what is to come. I hope to see some indoor-outdoor items.. Spring is in the air!


Pat, Can’t wait to see what you & the other designers have in store for us. So far love it. Have added to favs toolbar. Congrates on your new endeavor.

Sharon Hughson

Pat, you have done it again. You creativity is amazing and inspirational.

Beth Friend

I am so excited! I have some holiday table runners but would love more that I can use anytime of the year. I know you will be coming up with things to wow us!


Pat, this is a great column. Enjoy all your creativity intuition, your amazing work and your energy! Congratulation!

Linda P.

This is going to be a wonderful hang out!! You are one amazing woman and very inspirational!! You do make it seem so easy! Blessings to you on yet another adventure!


I’d like to see quick ‘quilt as you go’ projects – table toppers, especially, and banners for holidays and parties.

Looking forward to reading your columns, Pat!


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