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Design a Parisian Outdoor Room for French Romance

We’re taking another trip into outdoor living paradise by designing an outdoor room inspired by French Romance.  While bringing Paris’s Eiffel Tower to your backyard may be a little tricky, using some simple tips and design cues will give your outdoor living space French flair.


Define your space with Wrought Iron: Everyone knows that the most famous structure of Paris is the Eiffel Tower.  Using wrought iron garden structures to outline your living room will pay tribute to the overlooking structure while helping to both define your garden as Parisian and separate your seating area from the rest of the lawn.  Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to do this.  Whether you choose a wrought iron gazebo to create open-air walls around your seating area, an arbor or garden arch to make a Parisian entrance, or even a simple wrought iron garden tranquility screen to create separation from the rest of the garden… Parisian elegance will simply pour from the classic lines.

Use Small, Round Seating Areas: While we encouraged long expansive picnic tables to emphasize the big Italian families of Tuscany, French bistros are all about private and intimate conversations over wine or coffee.  Use smalloutdoor bistro and bar sets, or even just round patio dining sets, to create a warm and personal feel.  Again, wrought iron is the most traditional materials, but pairing wrought iron outdoor bistro sets with a wrought iron gazebo may be a little overwhelming.  If you worry about too much wrought iron, try softening your garden structures by using wicker outdoor furniture. If you would use a sitting room more than a dining space, wicker rocking chairs, patio chairs, and even chaise lounges pulled around a coffee table will create soft closeness.  While, high bar stools andbistro sets provide elegant dining spaces for cheese tasting and wine sipping!  If you plan to entertain often, an outdoor beverage cart with places to hold wine or even a bar will add function and sophistication.

Color with Black and White; Accent with Teals and Yellows: To unite the wrought iron structures with your outdoor furniture, use black or white wicker.  There is no more French color combination than black and white; and bold solid colors make it pop even more.  Try teal or yellow outdoor cushions on your furniture, a yellow vase with flowers on your patio table, or a teal accent bowl or dish set.  Another fantastic idea is to get a few treated pine accent tables and paint them in your chosen accent colors.  Adding those to the side of patio chairs will make the whole seating area burst with stylish personality as bold accents will draw the eye around your entire outdoor room.

Plant Manicured Shrubs and Colorful Flowers: The gardens of Versailles are famous for their carefully manicured shrubs and bushes.  A line of green shrubs against the house or along your fence line will recall that same elegance (as long as you keep them maintained!).  Other gardening additions could include roses.  Rose gardens represent grace and beauty, and will compliment your outdoor room wonderfully.  If you’ve chosen awrought iron garden structure that will support vining plants, plant climbing roses to completely surround your living area with color, splendor, and sweet smells.  Lastly, large gardening urns and planters filled with French marigolds, tarragon, daylillies, and hydrangea will allow you to add natural color and elegance to your outdoor room.

Decorate with Garden Statues and Fountains: French gardens are known for their dramatic fountains and décor.  Using antique-looking stone garden statues, or evenpost caps, will recall the old-world French elegance in your outdoor seating area.  And, while the fountains at Versailles would be nearly impossible to recreate in your back yard, a water feature or fountain will add depth and interest.  And, If your water feature is large enough, adding a small garden bridge will allow a place for your guests to explore while waiting for the wine to chill!

Traveling abroad is a fantastic experience.  But, investing in your outdoor spaces will provide years and years of endless vacations for your family and friends, while helping to increase your property values.  Travel to France all summer long in your chic Parisian outdoor room!


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Linda P.

I’m so excited the weather is turning warm enough for being outdoors. We some times forget to treat it like another living space. Thanks for the reminder!!


Thanks for the comment, Linda P! Using your outdoor areas as living spaces extends your home and gives you a fresh air place to relax and entertain. Drop us a line to be reminded anytime! =]

dennis mick

Where can I buy this Parisian gazebo


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