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Create The Perfect Getaway – at Home – with Coastal Chic Design

This hot design is all about comfort and the simple pleasures of the beach. Forget packing up those flip-flops and swimwear because with our tips for creating your oasis, you’ll never have to leave the house to relax. Here are a few ideas that are perfect to dive into with the holidays right around the corner:

Create a beach-themed ornament for your tree
Freshen up your Christmas tree ornaments with a glass beach scene ornament. Purchase clear glass ornaments, add a layer of sand, and drop a few small seashells atop the sand through the ornament opening. If you are a regular or even annual beach-goer, plan ahead by picking out favorite seashells on the shore before you start.

The beach…in an ornament! Photo by HGTV.

Add a cabana
If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, it may be the closest thing you have to a semi-beach setting. OK, so there’s no sand or seagulls, but you get the idea! Why not add a beautiful Cabana like’s Custom Treated Pine Cabana pictured below? Family and friends can have the perfect area to eat, drink and relax!

Custom Treated Pine Cabana on

Custom Treated Pine Cabana on

Coastal-inspired fabric
Forget the glam and glitz with this theme! When choosing coastal-inspired fabric for your furniture or curtains, lean towards neutrals, pure white or tailored stripes in blue. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few neutral-colored pillows with a fish design or tribal pattern printed in blue.

Make the design authentic with beach finds
Your nautical room needs some symbolism, but don’t go overboard (ha ha!). Too many beach treasures can make the room look tacky. Stay simple. Hang one medium-large sized starfish on your wall with a few other photo frames. Hang two oars intersecting in an ‘X’ shape above your bed, or casually place hard white coral on a bookshelf.

Finish the look with natural fibers
Add a few touches of rope seen in nautical glass balls or even as cabinet or drawer pulls. The possibilities are limitless here. Or, you could add a jute or sea grass rug. All of these pieces bring a natural warmth and texture to your oasis.

Photo by One Kind Design

Photo by One Kind Design

Now, head over to to start re-imagining your home as the perfect getaway. Our collection of rocking chairs, deep seating furniture, cabanas and more can help you create a coastal oasis in your own home. You can speak to a project advisor today at 1-888-293-2339.




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