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Classic Blue and White

Blue and White quilts are the most classic of classic two color quilt combination.  Quilters love blue and the crisp look of blue with white can be used any time of the year. I have a friend who decorates her home in almost all blue and white, it’s amazing to see.

This quilt is Circa 1880-1900 and is a flying geese/lemoyne star combo. It reminds me of a railroad sign for some reason… not sure why!

This sunburst is an incredible display of wonderful piecing. I adore sharp points and how they sparkle on a quilt. This one is circa 1860-1880.

I really do not have any ‘pure’ Blue and White quilts myself. This piece is from my Redwork book. It is as close to a blue/white as I can find in my collection.  Of course if I did use just Blue and White I would need some prints — maybe batiks – or some tone on tones. I don’t think I could do a solid blue white like many of the antiques are.

This repeated a coffee cup makes me smile! Isn’t that the sign of a fun quilt?  Circa 1910-1930 the quilt is 81″ x 72”… that is a LOT of coffee cups… but I think it might JUST be worth it as you know how I love my coffee… wink!

The International Quilt Study Center and Museum database has a lot of quilts that fit this category, I entered Blue White and wow! Give it a try!

Do you have a Blue and White quilt?

~Pat Sloan

**Quilt photos provided courtesy of the International Quilt Study Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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I just finished a blue and white quilt that will be raffled off at the school carnival (school colors). It will be more exciting if
F I do it again plus I will have more experience! How interesting…


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