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OUTDOOR LIVING — even when it’s cold!

Create a Winter Wonderland – in your own BACKYARD!

If you’re not one of the lucky ones living somewhere warm and temperate this time of year, maybe it’s time you should think about giving yourself the gift of “outdoor cold-weather living” in 2017!

A lot of folks have invested tons of time and money on their outdoor entertainment and family spaces with lovely porches, patios, decks, and various other backyard enhancements. But if you live north of the Mason-Dixon Line (give or take), you know your days outside are numbered. And you close it all up and put your outdoor “stuff” away … and head indoors for the winter!

The new trend in outdoor living aims to change that – and extend your time outdoors comfortably, even when the temperatures start falling.

Winter-Friendly Outdoor Spaces Keep Cold Weather from Ruining All Your FUN

First of all, you can make your outdoor areas more inviting in cooler weather with the addition of various heat sources – there are many kinds of outdoor heaters … and there are so many beautiful fire pit options available now more than ever before. ( offers over 15 different ones.)

Add outdoor lighting especially around your grill. (Check out subtle lighting accessories like lighted post caps.) Relax in plush deck furniture – not anything metal for those chilly afternoons – a rug under your toes, and snuggle into cozy cushions. Then pull a nice warm throw blanket over you while you wait for hot dogs and hamburgers to cook! And how about a hot tub for the most adventurous of you?

There’s something magical about relaxing in the warm water as the steam turns into ice crystals all around you. <sigh>

Cabanas, Gazebos, Ramadas and Pergolas!

Of course, when nothing but the best will do, you need to add a backyard, cool-weather spot with an outdoor cabana. Red Cedar, Dura-Temp and vinyl-sided options are durable and long-lasting in any kind of weather. Gazebos and Ramadas offer a gorgeous solution for protection overhead, and even a Pergola can be a great addition to your nearly year-round outside activities. A Pergola over your hot tub is the perfect way to enjoy the water, even if it’s raining or snowing. Add a Pergola Canopy and you’re all set. Fifthroom lets you customize – design your own!

Cedar Cabana

Outdoor Cedar Cabana is perfect for backyard fun — all year round.


Customizable treated pine structure is long lasting

Oooh! This custom treated pine cabana is so elegant.


Structure to cover a hot tub

Pergola for year round outdoor fun! Just add hot tub and your best friends!


Fire pit or fire bowl

When the air gets nippy, fire up this oversized fire bowl with spark screen to keep the fun going into the night.

Pergola canopy

Optional canopies can really set your pergola apart from all the rest.

Poly wood deep seating set is durable no matter the weather

Classic 5 piece terrace deep seating set is plush and comfy. Snuggle in…













































You can find any number of outdoor accessories that will take your cool-weather outdoor living to the next level: cushions, pillows, rugs, grills big enough to cook for a crowd, and other deck furniture, too! Stop by our website to see the huge selection!

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