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Valentines For Gardeners

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and you could fall back on one of the standard gifts, like chocolates or roses. But, if your special someone lives to dig in the dirt and make beautiful things grow, get her something she’d really love!

1. A Greenhouse. There isn’t a gardener out there who doesn’t secretly wish for a greenhouse. When winter comes along, you can still “grow stuff” — how great is that? Plus, you can get a head start on spring by starting plants from seed which can be transplanted into the garden when temperatures warm up.


2. A Potting Bench. Also on a gardener’s “wish list,” is a professionally made potting bench. A potting bench allows you to stand up and work at an ergonomic level, saving both your knees and back from a lot of strain. Plus, you can store soil and tools making this the perfect all-purpose work station.

potting bench

3. A Garden Bench. A garden bench is soothing to your back and your bottom. But, best of all, it provides a place to rest and enjoy those special spots in your garden. Whether you choose cedar, pine or teak, a garden bench is a gift everyone will love for years to come.


4. Arbors and Trellises. Gardeners love arbors and trellises because it gives them one more place to have flowers growing! An arbor can provide a very impressive entry to your garden and trellises are easy to install and can fit in spaces large and small. You can’t go wrong!


5. A Bird Bath. Birds love gardens and gardeners love birds. So, a bird bath makes an especially appropriate (and beautiful!) Valentine gift for the gardener in your life. At Fifthroom, we have a wide selection of bird baths, in a variety of styles from classic to colorful.


Think outside the box (the candy box, that is) this Valentine’s Day and give your valentine a gift she’ll love season after season from!



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