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The Perfect Color Combinations!

Picking out colors for your outdoor project does not have to be a challenge. Nowadays, there are tons of colors to choose from for outdoor furniture and accents, which allows you to find your perfect choice. Choosing the right colors for your outdoor project is a rewarding feeling to have. You might be feeling indecisive on what colors would work best for your project. Let’s get some ideas flowing so that you can get started with your color combinations!

Stain vs. Paint: Some people have a preference between choosing a stain over a paint (or vise versa) for their outdoor project. Stains are nice for showing off the grain of the wood. If you’re set on a nice coat of color instead, then a paint may be the better choice for you. Either looks great!

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Neutral vs. Bright: Choosing neutral colors is a way to stay safe by blending into the surrounding environment. Yet, bright colors are exciting, unique, and “pop” out from its surroundings. If you want the best of both worlds, choose a combination between the two. You can’t go wrong with combining a neutral and bright color together.


Cool vs. Warm: What color are you more likely attracted to; a bright, fiery-red, or a calm, sky-blue? If you like red, then you may find warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges) to be more your taste. On the contrary, if you like blue, then your interest may lean towards cool colors (blues, greens, and purples).


Similar vs. Contrast: There’s a lot that can be said with choosing either a similar or contrasting color combination for your project. Picking similar colors is a straightforward way to tie your all of your outdoor furniture together. However, if you’re determined to go bold with contrasting colors, it’s best to understand what color combinations look good and feel right to you. If you choose the right combination, contrasting colors can be a loud statement to your backyard.



Once all of these questions have been answered, you should be ready to decide on your color combinations. You can find many colors to choose from on Start exploring today!


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