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The 4 Best Perennial Spring Bloomers

Spring perennials are such a joy because they pop out of the ground the minute they sense warm weather. Here are some hardy spring bloomers which can give your flower garden the very first color of spring!

1. Forget-Me-Nots. Known best for their blue varieties (forget-me-nots also come in white and pink!) this flower spreads easily and is freely self-seeding so that more flowers bloom. The care of forget-me-nots is minimal, making it an extremely low maintenance addition to your garden. These flowers prefer shade but can also thrive in sunny spots.


2. Bleeding Hearts. The outstanding characteristic of this plant is the shape of the blossoms. As the name suggests, bleeding hearts bear heart-shaped flowers from which a “drop of blood” dangles at the bottom. Red and pink bleeding hearts are the most common in the garden but there is a white bleeding heart variety as well. Bleeding hearts are very hardy plants which should be grown in partial to full shade in a slightly acidic soil. Bonus! Bleeding hearts is a deer-resistant perennial.


3. Lungwort. Ok, the name’s not so great but the flower is a beauty! The name comes from the fact that herbalists long ago thought the leaves looked like a lung and incorrectly deduced that the plant might have some medicinal benefits. One of the outstanding characteristics of the plant are the white speckles on the green leaves which also have a slightly rough, “fuzzy” feel. Lungworts love moist shady spots and will not do well if exposed to full sun. One of the most interesting facts about the blooms is that they can start out one color (blue, white or pink) and eventually fade to a different color.lungwort_orig

4. Creeping Phlox. Creeping phlox is a familiar spring bloomer often seen in rock gardens or planted as ground cover in areas where other plants will not bloom. This is a favorite perennial of landscapers because of its prolific flower production. It’s also cold hardy, heat resistant and deer resistant and comes in a variety of colors including: lavender, red, white, pink and bluish-purple.


The best thing about all of these spring bloomers is they are easy to grow and, as perennials, you’ll have them giving you early (and welcome!) spring color for years to come.



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